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Innovation Master Class by Darrell Mann one of the world’s most prolific inventors

Why do 98% of Innovation projects end in failure? Today in Dublin he gave a master class on his approach called Systematic Innovation.

28th Feb 2014 

Dr John McKeon with Darrell Mann

Dr John McKeon with Darrell Mann

Darrell was at IMI today speaking at the Industry Research & Development Group (IRDG) conference on Systematic Innovation.

‘Systematic Innovation’ is all about helping organisations to construct a repeatable formula for success.

Based on an analysis of over 3.8 million innovation attempts across every sector of human activity, the likelihood of successfully turning a novel idea into sustainable shareholder value is currently slightly worse than the odds of winning at roulette. Close to 98% of all innovation attempts end in failure.

Those attempts fail because organisations: – Ask the wrong questions – Deliver the wrong solutions – Inadequately protect their IP – Mis-handle the communication with customers & stakeholders – Take on projects inconsistent with the capabilities of the organisation – Give up too soon.

Darrell examined each of the above failure reasons to provide us with proven, deployable strategies appropriate to the context of our own enterprises.

In the workshop, Darrell addressed each of these modes of failure in their R&D context, and extracts from the 3.8 million datapoints the strategies and principles uncovered by the 2% of innovation attempts that end up being successful.

Successful innovations also come through understanding your customers (and those that aren’t yet your customers) better than they understand themselves.

True understanding of customers means anticipating their current and future needs. It also means understanding intangible and unspoken desires as well as their known tangible ones.

The programme is the outcome of over 2000 person years of research into the DNA of creative success. It is the only philosophy, method and toolkit capable of tackling and generating breakthrough solutions in today’s challenging and increasingly complex business environment.

Key Topics Darrell covered were

1) Big Picture – Why so much R&D results in so little innovation

2) Understanding Customers Better Than They Understand Themselves

3) Generating Breakthrough Solutions – Finding & Eliminating Trade-Offs

4) Bulletproofing IP – Predictable Evolution Directions

5) Innovation Capability

6) Putting It All Together – Top 5 Things To Do Differently Tomorrow

About Darrell Mann

Featured in Who’s Who in the World, Darrell Mann is recognised as one of the world’s most prolific inventors and has generated over a dozen patents and patent applications. He has spent much of his working life trying to understand why 98% of Innovation projects end in failure and has come up with an approach called Systematic Innovation.

He now implements this approach with clients including Intel, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Nestle, & Mahindra, MindTree, Samsumg, Telekom Malaysia, Hong Kong government & many more. His early career was spent in various R&D roles at Rolls-Royce before he became chief engineer responsible for the company’s long-term military engine strategy.

About the IRDG

 The Industry Research & Development Group (IRDG) is a non-profit, business-led Innovation Network of member companies, working together to drive excellence in Innovation within Ireland’s industry to create growth, jobs and prosperity.  Membership of the IRDG is extensive, including indigenous and multinational organisations, of all sizes, across all sectors of industry.  The common theme that brings all members together is their interest in progressing their business through Innovation & R&D. We took the opportunity to catch up with Darrell between international flights to ask him about extending his advice to the broader business community… in just six words of course

About the IMI

IMI is a membership organisation that reflects a spectrum of Irish industry, from the smallest micro-organisations to the world’s largest multinationals. For sixty years IMI has pioneered the development of executive education in Ireland. Thousands of senior executives attend developmental programmes at IMI annually, ranging from NFQ level 9 Masters and Diploma qualifications to one and two day master classes. IMI also acts as a “business partner” for organisations that are looking to align comprehensive learning and development strategies to support the execution of business growth strategies.

Key words

Innovation, Marketing, Technical, R&D, Leadership, IP, intellectual property, patent, Systematic Innovation

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Minister Deenihan meets CEO of Asthma Society of Canada, Rob Oliphant and John McKeon CEO of Allergy Standards as Deepening business links with Canada was key focus of visit.

John McKeon, Rob Oliphant & Minister Jimmy Deenihan

John McKeon, Rob Oliphant & Minister Jimmy Deenihan

Thursday, March 14th – Minister Jimmy Deenihan TD, travelled to Toronto, Canada as part of the Government’s St Patrick’s Day programmes which involved a breakfast business meeting in downtown Toronto with key members of the Canadian business community.

This year 19 Government Ministers travelled to 21 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia for a series of trade and investment focused programmes.

Whilst in Toronto, Minister Deenihan will undertake a number of engagements including an Ireland/Canada Business Event with Enterprise Ireland and a promotional event with the Irish Dairy Board. 
Exports from Ireland to Canada increased by 24% in 2012, and promoting growth in both trade, community and cultural links between Ireland and Canada (population 34 million) will be a focus of Minister Deenihan’s visit.

As part of the business breakfast event he met the CEO of the Asthma Society of Canada, Rob Oliphant and John McKeon CEO of Allergy Standards to announce the continued groeth of their strategic alliance.

Minister Deenihan will also review the Toronto St Patrick’s Day Parade and will view the greening of Niagara Falls accompanied by Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland.

Minister Deenihan commented “Representing Ireland abroad is a privilege and a responsibility.  Having our National Day recognised and celebrated internationally is a huge opportunity to tell a story to the world about Ireland – about our skills, about our strengths, and about our recovery. Canada and Ireland are closely linked, both in our past and in the present.

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