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Dr-John-McKeon-BW sIf you are a life sciences, medtech, healthIT, biotechnology or medical device company we would love to hear from you and help you achieve your goals.

Please get in touch through the contact form.

Please put in a short description of the challenge. We can then set up a quick ‘clinic’ on the phone to run a diagnostic and more importantly a ‘treatment plan’ to drive growth in your business.

Key areas where we can add strategic insight:

  • Commercialisation of medical and life science based intellectual property
  • Scientific & commercial due diligence of biomedical projects
  • Identification and evaluation of licensing opportunities
  • Market evaluation & competitive analysis for life sciences ventures
  • Scientific & commercial due-diligence for the investors and business consultants.
Contact Baily Consulting
We help early stage companies in the life sciences, biotechnology & medical device sectors achieve their goals.
Key areas include life sciences, medtech, healthIT, biotechnology & medical device sectors.