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Education & Training for Medical Entrepreneurs

On line training and courses

John runs a number of boot camps; training weekends as well as online training video sessions particularly targeted at biomedical and health related entrepreneurs.

Course materials and training include

Raising Start-up Capital as a Healthcare Entrepreneur

If you want to raise funding for your start-up, you already know there is more to it than creating an investment slide deck. This course will demystify angle funding and venture capital deals and give entrepreneurs a definitive guide to secure funding. In this course John will teach you how to manage the fundraising process—from identifying potential investors, to making your investment pitch, to driving a funding to closure.  John explains from his personal experience in plain language, the sometimes confusing elements of raising start up capital, detailing what’s critical and what’s not. Entrepreneurs will learn the best strategies for getting a fair deal particular for a health based venture

How to be a health care Start Up CEO

Improve your management and leadership skills quickly, get guidance on how to become a successful first-time CEO of health related start up. In addition to explaining the most critical responsibilities of a startup CEO, John will provide you with an operating system specifically related to health and biomedical entrepreneurship that will help increase the chances of your startup’s success.

Writing a Biomedical Business Plan

Designed to help you write a realistic business plan for your new or existing biomedical enterprise, which will help you raise equity and debt financing. A well written business plan should function as a standard against which to measure future results and guide your entrepreneurial journey. The business plan acts as your ‘rod and staff’ to assist you in making future decisions which may alter the course of your enterprise. The type of business plan we will develop will be for owners of healthcare related and biomedical start-ups and early stage ventures looking to scale.

Digital and Mobile Health

This course focuses on health entrepreneurs who are interested in bringing their digital health solution to tackle a significant health challenge they care about. Ireland is experiencing a surge of entrepreneurial activity that promises to reshape how we interact with our health system. In this era of ever-expanding access to mobile technology solutions health professional and entrepreneurs can now readily reach patients in need, wherever they are. Mobile healthcare entrepreneurship will reshape how health care is delivered. The themes addressed in this course include mobile health opportunities and entrepreneurship in digital health care

Training for your Start-up Pitch

This course is a reference source for pitch skills used the specifically in the world of health related entrepreneurship, digital health and biomedical start ups. You will learn the proven formula for a successful pitch based on case studies of pitches that work in this space. You will gain strategies to pitch persuasively from research in the fields of disruptive health care and Medtech. You will also gather insights on slide development, story build and delivery.  

We help early stage companies in the life sciences, biotechnology & medical device sectors achieve their goals.
Key areas include life sciences, medtech, healthIT, biotechnology & medical device sectors.