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Amazing piece on how big data is being used in hospitals, the impact for patients and Healthcare Entrepreneurs

The BBC’s Horizon, a long-running British documentary television series that covers science and philosophy, recently featured an amazing piece on how big data is being used in hospitals called Achieving Small Miracles from Big Data.

A tiny baby, born 15 weeks early, fights for every breath in her hostile new environment. In the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), she is tethered to nearby medical devices that continuously measure her heart rate, respiration and other vitals – generating minute-by-minute readings of her fragile condition.

The doctors who care for these babies are faced with extremely complex decisions about how to treat them, how to best monitor their condition and stave off infection. All too often, this potentially life-saving data is more than clinicians can absorb and analyze.

Enter Project Artemis, a collaborative initiative involving Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ont., and IBM Canada.

The goal of the project is to capture and analyze vast amounts of physiological data from premature babies and then present that information to physicians and nurses.

The project is led by Dr. Carolyn McGregor, a Canada  Research Chair in Health Informatics at UOIT who is using  IT to help clinicians detect life threatening infections days  sooner than is possible today

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How IOS 8 will be a great opportunity for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

As a biomedical entrepreneur (doctrepenuer or even appreneur) whenever Apple releases updates and features, there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity. …

It’s these updates and software changes that keeps the app market growing. People often assume the health app and m-health market is crowded, but they don’t realize that with each new update, it opens the door for hundreds of new health care related innovations and apps opportunities.

iphone for ehealth-mhealth

Biomedical Consulting eHealth

This year Apple has released a couple updates that will be particularly relevant for health.

There are crucial feature changes with Health app and HealthKit that allow more cross-app functionalities which will opens the door for tons of new health app ideas.

Fitness & Health is huge for mobile health more than ever. The new “Health” app can pull in data from other third-party apps to keep all your health-related information in one.

Developers will use the service called HealthKit to integrate their apps with the Health app. Being able to integrate your app within Apple’s framework increases accessibility and downloads.

Apple is also allowing apps as a “public beta download” through TestFlight.

This means users will be able to try out early versions of health apps before the launch, which provides feedback by patients and consumers prior to release.

What health and wellness related apps can you make with these new features?

This should be a breakthrough year for health apps.

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